What is Sketchy Stories?

I am an avid webcomic reader. I read some pretty awesome webcomics – Questionable Content, The Oatmeal, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, xkcd, Cyanide and Happiness (from Explosm), A Softer World, League of Super Redundant Heroes and Coed. If you share my sense of humour, you might possibly enjoy these!

Sketchy Stories is my own hand at making a webcomic. It’s inspired primarily by Coed because Coed is made by a college-going student. I am in my final year of IB and I go to boarding school. I just want to see if I can regularly portray the madness and drama of high school life using sketches!

I fly out tomorrow from Muscat (where my family stays) to Bangalore (where my boarding school is located). Summer’s over and now it’s time to go back to school to study and… sketch!


-17 August 2013, 1.20AM


So tell me what you think...

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