Sketchy Stories #19 – Yaariyan


I made this at least a week ago but time constraints stopped me from putting it up…
Caption from Cocktail, song: Yaariyan.


Sketchy Stories #18 – Junior (Baby!) Friends


Between classes, during breaks, cracking stupid jokes sprinkled with my advice for their upcoming IB years. Why couldn’t we be in the same batch? And why couldn’t you both be boarders?

On another note, had my final IOC recording today and it went… WELL! Also, you there, Suma, reading this with your raging fever… Get well soon, love. We missed you and people kept searching for you today.

Sketchy Stories #13 – Raindrops and Teardrops


It rained yesterday. I love rain. I love the smell of wet mud and grass. It made me happy. Temporarily, anyway.
On of my roommates’ advice, I spoke to Vikram yesterday. Once in the morning and once on the phone. Clearly, it would be impossible to do it with his girlfriend around because she’d swoop right in like the possessive obsessive girlfriend she is. I cried myself to sleep last night instead of getting work done because somehow, I never saw Vikram behaving in such a way with me just because someone told him to…