he’ll make promises. you’re the one. your flaws are beautiful. your insecurities will be looked after. and so you let go. you let it all out, raw and pure, and the fire burns him and he can’t take it and he leaves. and you crawl back into the crevices of your own mind and stay there. today he leaves, tomorrow she leaves, they all leave. that’s why you hide. that’s why you you break before you can be broken. you take that head start but you lose the race anyway.


Sketchy Stories #18 – Junior (Baby!) Friends


Between classes, during breaks, cracking stupid jokes sprinkled with my advice for their upcoming IB years. Why couldn’t we be in the same batch? And why couldn’t you both be boarders?

On another note, had my final IOC recording today and it went… WELL! Also, you there, Suma, reading this with your raging fever… Get well soon, love. We missed you and people kept searching for you today.