Stardust (Guest Post: Ayushi Murli)

The enormity we cannot fathom, of galaxies that stretch far beyond our reach, we push ourselves into believing that perhaps, a day will come when we will be more than just mere specks of dust.
Long years go by, questioning our existence, finding a purpose. Forever it seems like, which is in reality just a minimal fraction of time.
Perhaps, the only purpose we’re here to serve, is no purpose at all. Just plain, pure, existence. Maybe what comes as dust, leaves as dust.
We remain oblivious of what surrounds us in this vast space.
In our little world however, it is these little particles of dust that make this tiny span of time we call life, worth living.
It is likely that we may never know what lies beyond; we may never know what our role is. We may spend our lives in the confusion of trying to comprehend whether we will leave as suddenly as we came. One supernova explosion.
It may take forever to conclude whether, for the universe we are significant.
Until then, from one speck of stardust, to another… you matter.

This post was written by my close friend, Ayushi Murli.


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