Growing Up (Guest Post: Ashna)

It’s weird how some people have the power to affect you in a certain way. The way their charisma works on you. The way you are dumbfounded by their personality. The way the things they do affect you when they have no clue. No clue that they have been affecting the way you breathe, the way you act, the way you talk, the way you smile. Your smile and how it changes into a frown when they do something you would not ever expect them to do. Expectations. Expectations from them, and not wanting to ever be disappointed. The way our relationships change while growing up and meeting new people. Some people affect you in a certain way, the way you cannot help but wonder if it is only them, or do you sometimes affect them too? The way you talk, the way you walk, the way you smile, your decisions and your life choices, is it only you? Does it not matter to them? When you want to think that you matter, but can’t get anywhere, remember that there are going to be distances in all kinds of relationships. You’re not going to meet each person halfway. Some will come closer to you, and for some you will travel great lengths, which you will at some point know whether they were worth all the effort, worth all the emotional stress you went through. But when this time comes, you will have already crossed the moon for them and won’t know how to get back. Don’t think of it in a negative way, each person teaches you something. Makes you the part of your experiences which will define who you are to others. Each person has their own role to play, whether it is a happily ever after or a heartbreak or a failed friendship, every single person will teach you something that you won’t forget. So be grateful for all the experiences and treat challenge with grace and you will be surprised with how far you have gotten and how you have grown up, by meeting new people.

This post was written by one of my closest friends, Ashna Shah. 


One thought on “Growing Up (Guest Post: Ashna)

  1. fantastic read . absolute truth of life . everyone you meet in life is meant to teach you something . take the lesson and forge ahead . so true that there are gonna be some distances in life .
    PS: happy to you back blogging .. and my good wishes to Ashna for coming up with a great article

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