Not Just a State of Mind

Go to this link immediately.

And remember, if only advice helped, then they would have given it to themselves. There is something more, but its missing. And we need to help them find it. Just like a person with a broken leg understands perfectly that he has an injury and needs rest, so do people with mental disorders. But a person with a broken leg uses crutches to get back to walking again. We need to learn to be somebody’s crutches and then, they’ll walk again.

P.S. You can check out Rubyetc’s illustrations – they are brilliant.


One thought on “Not Just a State of Mind

  1. Very nice.eautiful. EPeople with mental disorders dont juat need advice. Thy need empathy.. Moral support.. Someone who couls tell im with u. And some one who could makebthem feel life is beUtiful..

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