Lying to Myself

Inspired by today’s Daily Prompt.

We all have those situations where we tell ourselves the same stories, repeatedly, till we believe them ourselves. Sometimes others can tell that we are putting up a facade to convince nobody but ourselves but rarely, if ever, do we catch ourselves in the act. We are always so conveniently oblivious to our own follies. If I had a vial of truth serum that I could give just one person and then ask them some questions, I’d take that serum myself. I’d have a list of questions to ask myself, hand it to somebody else, and make them record their conversation with me. I’d like to know just how much I lie to myself day after day.

There are so many questions I would ask myself. Have you really got enough sleep today? Do you think skipping that meal is healthy? Do you really not care about your figure and health or are you just convinced that your stress-eating will never really go away? Do you still try to recreate your only-too-premature first kiss in your mind? Do you genuinely think the medicine is helping or are you just too concerned that your parents and doctor will worry if you don’t respond to medication and so you act you’re okay? Are you actually comfortable with your friends? Is there something still nagging you inside, something you can’t seem to be able to get rid of? Do you still think you’re an attention-seeker?

Thinking about all these questions, I’m confused. Do I really know myself at all?


6 thoughts on “Lying to Myself

    1. That’s pretty difficult, considering that after one point, we manage to convince ourselves that the lie is the truth. You know how we’re always worried someone else will cheat us or deceive us? But we do that to ourselves more times than we can count.

  1. Powerfully written and poignantly honest. Life’s best liars tend to be ourselves – unfortunately. But the truth can set you free – honestly – but you have to be ready to accept it.

    Great job with this 🙂

  2. I too would give myself the serum just to see how much of my life i am lying to myself about. It scares me but honestly we should all do it!

    im not too concerned about what others are lying about because what is done in the dark will come to light, but I owe it to myself to keep it real.

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