Friday the Thirteenth

Do you suffer from friggatriskaidekaphobia? That is the extremely fancy and long word for ‘fear of Friday the thirteenth’, which happens to be today.

I am not sure where the fear for Friday, the fear for the number thirteen and the fear for the amalgamation of the two arose from. But all I can say is, the only way your day can go bad is you believe it will be bad. When we have negative things happening to us on an ordinary, non-Friday-the-thirteenth day, we assume it to be just something in the passing. However, because of our heightened fear, if anything happens on Friday the thirteenth, we freak out and associate it with the date. And this year, even more so, because of the year 2013.

This is just a short message to tell you that your day or life cannot be bad because of a date, a day or, in all honesty, even a person. I know I seem upset because of people many times but it truly boils down to how I believe they ought to affect me. And if I change that, then voila! It won’t happen anymore. Of course, this is easier said than done. So let’s all try to get together and believe in the power of how we can react to things and make everything a little better for us.


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