I needed a bit of a creative inspiration to write because it’s been a while since I did some proper writing. And then I came across this absolutely ridiculous prompt which made me smile and so I took a break from studying to write it. I got it from There are some more awesome prompts on that page! Look them up! Anyway, here’s the one I am going to attack right now.

I’m going to give you a word, and you have to babble on and on about it. The backspace key is off limits for this one. The word is…

Here goes nothing.

Chihuahua is a little dog. Dogs ought to be big, at least in my opinion, and so, I think it’s funny that chihuahuas are little dogs. It’s like thinking about a little giant. I wonder what the size of a little giant would be like. Would the height of a tall person be equivalent to that of a little giant? Or are we all really little giants? Giants seem cool but I think they’d bump their heads on a lot of things because I am quite tall and I do that all the time. Giants are even taller, so it must be crazy for them. Thinking about bumping things makes me remember my trip to Rajasthan that ended a few days ago. It was very memorable because I ran straight into a glass door that I didn’t know existed. I was calmly looking outside at the sunny place and since I was freezing inside, I decided I wanted to go out into the great outside. I ran with all my might towards the world and my friend watched in shock as I crashed nose first with the glass door. I was really shocked and thought some invisible force had stopped me. Of course, this bumping had nothing to do with my height but more with my stupidity, complete lack of depth perception sometimes and inherent clumsiness. Sometimes I do bump myself because of height. Rajasthani people, or at least the Rajputs of yore, were HUGE. I bet they bumped themselves a lot. Then again, their palaces were HUGE. So then they might not have. Rajasthan is cool. Well, not cool obviously, because it’s a desert, but… never mind that. The extension of this desert runs till the Sultanate of Oman, which is very my parents stay. I think it’s awesome and sad at the same time because that means my family and I were in the same desert but still far away from each other. And by far, I mean soooo far that we would have to travel for ages on camels. Camels are a little uncomfortable to get on and get off but the ride is not that bad. I went on a camel for the first time this time because I have always been to petrified to sit on it. This time, I gathered my guts and got on it and to my intense surprise, it was not that bad. That does not mean I didn’t scream and shout because my camel decided to scratch itself with one leg. It was balancing precariously on three legs. Maybe the camel didn’t think it was precarious but I sure did. Like right now, I don’t think it is precarious to keep writing now even though the internet might go soon enough but I am pretty sure some other people in my place would have tried writing even faster or just wrapped up here because of the time constraint. Everything in the IB has time constraints and deadlines. Deadlines are everywhere and they make me feel dead. Everytime I meet a deadline, I say, whadup, you’re done with, goodbye. I am going to say goodbye to you all now because this was a whole lot of nonsense just poured out to get me writing again and from now on, whenever I do have the time, you will see a lot of writing as well art. If not a lot, then definitely a bit here and there. You need to understand me – my first round of exams are coming up from Monday. BYE.


One thought on “Chihuahua

  1. fanatstic links for creative writers .. give them a topic to start with and they will come up with their excellent imaginative writings .
    well yeah i would like to see that pic of Chihuahua;)

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