Sketchy Stories #11 – Fuck Off


It’s sad how girls can take away guy best friends just by wielding the power of their jealousy. It’s even sadder when the guys don’t even protest and just become puppets…


7 thoughts on “Sketchy Stories #11 – Fuck Off

  1. Dear Author ,
    i think you should now be acceptig the fact that your freind is into A RELATIONSHIP with a girl who actually dont like you to be around him.
    it hurts , pains to accept it . but its better this way .

    also i think1 should not forget someone who was with them in their tough times, HAPPY TIMES like your friend did …
    Apologies for getting little personal .

    1. I was there for him too. And the girl is also supposed to be my friend. It hurts, of course it does. A relationship is a good thing but it doesn’t mean you can own the other person. Thoughts and opinions are controlled by the individual not by someone else. I’m hurt because he wasn’t acting on his accord but on someone else’s words.

      1. Correct. Relationship is all about having a shared dream and making it come true together, it about respecting each other difference . Love them for the way they are . Not certainly control them like Robots .
        this is what i believe .
        i told you this cuz i could feel the pain, the anger in ur words .
        Possessiveness may be outcome of insecurity she has .. which is certainly not at all good ..

      2. Well, we shall see tomorrow in school what comes of it. And as for my anger and pain, I needed a vent and I have friendly roommates who helped me vent all of it out so I am all good now 🙂

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