Doodle, Doodle

I have discovered a newfound passion in doodling! Hurray!

Also, an overdosage on webcomics is making me seriously consider making one of my own… but with the work overload, I don’t even know if it would be possible! Or would it count for CAS?

Either way, I am very excited and so I downloaded a bunch of (free, of course) sketching apps on my iPad today and I’ve been putting some pens to paper lately as well. I might put them up here or I might seriously consider having another blog primarily for artsy purposes though I am not sure how well that will hold up. See, I am a playful doodle-artist. My artistic skills leave much to be desired for.

Sigh… I suppose even with with my occasional breaks in Physics with doodling, Coed and Questionable Content, I can’t claim to successfully be able to manage art.

Pffft, I just came to announce my love for doodling to the world. I’m off!

On another completely unrelated note, I had Galaxy Caramel Ice-Cream today. Gustatory heaven.


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