You’re Everything I Need

Prompted by today’s Daily Prompt

I don’t necessarily need a prompt to tell me to write about you, my boyfriend for over two years now, best friend, helper, and soulmate. But since today there is a prompt, here I go. Let me now rant about things that I have told you before that you have never believed and the things I have wanted to tell you but somehow, not said.

We were classmates.
Partners in class.
Close friends.
Miss-call mates.
Texting-everyday-all-the-time mates.
Best friends.
Secret crushes.
And now, we’re best-friends-and-relationship rolled into one, separated by the Arabian Sea during my vacations and by a bunch of state boundaries when in school. And the journey has been crazy, crazy, crazy. But you’ve stood by me through it all. ALL. I’m undeniably lucky to have you in my life and to have the fortune of sharing my life with you. And now I need to tell you just how proud I am of you for all the things that you do.

You can control your temper even situations are crazy.  Whether it’s your cousin annoying you a little or a classmate pissing you off, you still keep your calm. You never lose your head. You are sensible enough to not go wild. I might be short-tempered queen but that does not mean I don’t appreciate how well you keep your temper.

You can face the hardest of situations. Your mom has had to leave you during your examinations because your dadaji was ill. You had to cook for yourself. You had to walk SO much in the unforgiving Muscat sun to reach home and you had nobody to shower you with love and affection once you go there. You’ve always taken care of me when I was tending towards depression, when I had to rush right back to Muscat on emergency medical leave because of a haunting past and you’ve held my hand through my tough times like they were your own. Even right now, you’re doing your best to be the strong boy whom his mother can depend upon because nanaji passed away. I know how hard everything is for you right now. I know how lost and desolate you feel. I know how torn apart you are. And I know you’re going to come through, strong. Life throws bullshit at you and you just walk through it. It hits you, beats you, throws you to the ground and you still pick yourself up and walk again. I will always be there to pick you up again but I am so proud of you for every time that you’ve done it on your own. I will always be there to wipe your tears away for you but I am proud for every time that you’ve done it on your own while I was away from my laptop. I will always do my best to stand before you and not let life attack you but I am proud of you for every time you’ve handled it well. You’re a wonderful person and I am so very proud of you, just as many more people are and should be.

You can accept all kinds of people. It doesn’t matter to you how they are unless they are hurting someone… then it matters. But otherwise, you’re never judgemental. You know what’s happened to me and you’ve always been supportive, loving and caring and never once treated me like I’m some weird victim. You’ve just stood by when I needed you. And for that, I thank you. Because God alone knows how I would have gone through tenth grade board exams if you hadn’t been my rock when my first term exams sucked and when Ma fell ill during my finals.

You’re more intelligent than you give yourself credit for. You have so much potential to do well. Also, you’re one of the most hard-working persons I know and I think you’d come second only next to my sister (she’s… I think she’s a workaholic sometimes!) You push yourself if you’re not good at something and do your very best. I am proud of you for doing your best, for always wanting to improve… for being you.

These words are not enough to express how proud I am of you for all the little things you have done – prevented one of your closest buddies from ever going astray, getting to know all my friends irrespective of whether you’ve met them or not, trying to socialize with new people even though you’re shy (especially boy-shy), getting along so well with my sister… these are just a few things.

You’re not an embodiment of perfection, I agree, but then no one is. And you, in my eyes, are as close as it gets to being just perfect for me. I am proud of you and I always will be, for every step that you take along your life. I love you so much.


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