A-to-Z of Me

Prompted by Daily Prompt

A is for my acerbic thoughts, sometimes words and rarely, actions. Yes, I can be a little forthright sometimes. The truth is hard to deal with, isn’t it? Well, suck it up.
B is for my bold stand against bullies. I hate bullies and if you’re going to be a bully and I hear of it, I will punch your face in.
C is for clumsy. I trip, I hug the floor, I injure myself. My knees are marked with umpteen injuries and I still have a limp from a ligament injury. I am clumsy queen.  C is also for claustrophobic. And cynical. I am such a C person, you C.
D is for devious. Hurt someone I love and you’re going down, one way or the other. There’s not an ounce of doubt about it. On top of the ‘people I love’ list would be my sister, the rest of my family and my two best friends. You’ve been warned.
E is for my enigmatic poetry, and sometimes my mysterious way of talking and communicating. Do you like riddles?
F is for the fantasy worlds that I love creating when I write stories. Such Utopian worlds.
G is for garrulous. Leave me with the people who I am close to and I can chatter about utter rubbish in pure glee.
H is for the help I’ll give you in your time of need. I am helpful. I might not like people in particular but I do pity them.
I is for my immature, baby-like face that never seems to grow up. Especially when you compare it to my thirteen year-old sister’s. She’s four years younger than me and looks more… mature and grown up.
J is for jaded and cynical. Anyone would be jaded after having more than their fair share of sickeningly happy movies and stories only to find out that real life is nowhere close.
K is for my kaleidoscopic range of amateur interests – photography, film/video-making, writing, doodling, singing, playing the guitar, dancing, counselling friends in need… etc.
L is for the lies that I can tell so easily if I need to cover up how I really feel. And I can do it well, very well. I’m practised.
M is metal music. When in doubt, listen to metal. A7x, particularly. (How I wish I had their latest album…)
N is for narcissistic. I might have had self-image issues before but I am pretty damn awesome, I’ll grant myself that much. I mean, I’ve put up with enough crap and I am still here. I have every right to love myself. A lot.
O is for obstinate. Gosh, sometimes I can be extremely stubborn and obstinate about my opinions, views and wishes. Sometimes even about silly things like… I MUST HAVE SOME PEANUT BUTTER IN MY ICE-CREAM.
P is for punny. I like pun jokes. Good puns, bad puns, mediocre puns, meh puns, PUNS. I love them all.
Q is for the quintessential survivor that I am. My life is mine. I’d rather be the superhero of my life than the victim, thank you very much.
R is for realism. I am not an optimist, though I do believe I used to be. I am not a pessimist either. No sir. I am a realist. I only state what is real, what is bound to happen. It’s not my fault that people don’t usually want to hear that.
S is for sarcastic. Does my sarcastic sense of humour bother you? Oh dear, your opinion matters so much to me that I must change my personality for you… easy to see the sarcasm, huh?
T is for tall and tomboyish. This can’t possibly need further description… right?
U is for understanding. Ooh, what a shocker! How can someone sarcastic, cynical, jaded and all things not nice actually be understanding? I didn’t always used to be a Little Miss Bitchy. And all of my niceness hasn’t completely vapourized. If you are in need, I am likely to help you. Unless you hurt someone I love. Then you can cry me a river and I would be happy to drown you in it.
V is for violent because I have a temper. Do NOT mess with me.
W is for my wandering thoughts that often meander into countless directions.
X is for xenial. I can bridge gaps between other cultures and strangers quickly. I communicate, after all. And I listen. It’s what I do.
Y is for the yearning I have for humanity to improve with possibly a little push from my side.
Z is for the zeal that I put into the things I really love doing. Like writing. Writing is a passion that gives my creativity a chance to bear wings.

That’s my A to Z. What’s yours?


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