Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

My boyfriend, my angel of a boyfriend is so upset and not without reason. His grandfather has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. His operation was due today but owing to a minor heart attack, it has been delayed. Again. It’s already been delayed once. He loves his grandfather so much. And as if that’s not enough, he is ill too…

I live across the sea from him and sometimes our work keeps us so busy, it’s impossible to find time online to be there for each other. He always makes time for me but sometimes I really fail.

I am not writing this to praise him, criticize myself or anything of that sort. I am writing this to ask for your wishes, your prayers, your love. Please hope that his grandfather does get better, that the operation is not delayed and that it is successful. It’s a tiny gesture but maybe, just maybe, so much positive thought could actually create a little miracle. Maybe every person thinking positive can make a difference. Please pray for him and his grandfather.


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