Surprises are Hard

My sister and I stay up till atrocious hours like 3AM in the morning in an attempt to complete our parents’ 20th anniversary gift. We’re making a video for them. We’re doing all crazy-creative things and making it so filmy. It starts with what their story is like. So it shows my sister playing the role of my mother and me playing the role of my father. It shows a clip of my sister and me (Mom and Dad) meeting, then of us getting married alongside a picture of their actual marriage picture, then the birth of their two kids (dolls, of course) alongside actual pictures of my sister and me as newborns.

Then we’re compiling a bunch of imitations of 20 things that define them. It’s taxing, trust me, to put together the music, the video and all of this, at night, without waking them up while they’re in the next room.

It’s even more horrid to be told that staying up is doing me no good whatsoever because I am still not progressing much. How I wish I could tell them it is for them. To surprise or not to surprise… that is a hard question. Since there’s only a week left… I am going to hope that the gift just finishes soon enough!


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