Far Away

I stand before your judgemental eyes
What else is left for me to say?
Your words are all that matter, right?
Go on then, have it your way.
I will keep up my pretense and lies
And let you think you know me, day after day.
I’ll never let you know that despite being here,
In my head, I am so far away.

I cower before your authority,
Myself I’ve begun to despise
Thanks to your ability
To make me feel like I’m never right.
I will be strong and just hold on
And keep searching for a better place to stay.
I am here, right before you, yet,
I am so far away.

I cry at your hurtful words
And finally fall to the floor asunder.
Ripped, torn, broken, wounded,
While upon my dull existence I ponder.
I will not bring a knife once more
To my wrist. No, this time, I will pray
For someone else to take me away from here
To take me somewhere far away.

Prompted by today’s Daily Prompt

It’s quite coincidental that this title is close to one of my favourite Avenged Sevenfold songs So Far Away. It is true though. The furthest I have been from home with parents would be Switzerland; without parents, to boarding school. But to be far away, you don’t always need to be separated by physical space. Sometimes the mental distance is enough to push you apart, apart, apart…


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