Trespassers Will… Break My Heart

Prompted by today’s Daily Prompt

There’s one person, I suppose, who I wouldn’t want to read my blog. Not because I have anything written against him in particular, not because I am banned from blogging. Because I am too scared to disappoint. I feel like I’ve grown up all this time being a disappointment. My writing has been my only friend, along with singing and the occasional video-making. But apart from that, this blog and a collection of stories and poetry is all I have. And if they are belittled as well, I might just shatter into tiny fragments that cannot be found and glued back together again.

He’s known me all my life, and so technically, he ought to know me inside out. Wrong. He doesn’t. We’re always near each other, yet so distant and I can safely say, it’s not for lack of trying on my part. He is my first love, my first king, my first hero. I always wanted to emulate him, to attain that level of perfection that he seemed to have attained. I tried my best but something was always lacking and I failed. Maybe reading this blog would make him realise how badly I failed. Maybe it would disappoint him. And disappointing him yet once more would break my heart.

Baba, if you’re reading this, I love you very much. But maybe, you should never get a glimpse into a heart so broken, a mind so messed up and a person so strange. Maybe it’s better this way. But I am sorry I’m not the perfect daughter you’d like me to be.


7 thoughts on “Trespassers Will… Break My Heart

  1. Hey girl,

    You have some magic wand in your hand? How do you manage to write something that short and so much meaningful..

    I really do not regret a single min for having subscribed to your blog. Your last line is really to be honest every person feels when they see their parents’ eyes.

    But then, we cannot be PERFECT all the time just like their expectations. Is it not? And its the misfits and the imperfect pieces that make this world more perfect.

    I hope i added some more points to your post. Correct me if i am wrong.


    1. Hello there.
      Thank you so much for appreciating my writing! I, unfortunately, do not have a magic wand – just my laptop, notebooks, pens and my own mind. A magic wand would be most welcome!

      I am glad you enjoy reading what I write! And thank you for the pearl of wisdom. It’s quite true – we can’t meet up to everyone’s expectations. So we should just strive to achieve our own expectations of ourselves, I suppose.

  2. Wonderfully expressed . But never hold back from telling someone you value them and they mean a lot to you . Ofcourse sometimes we cant meet their every expectation . We aren’t designed like that. I ‘m sure he will read this . But remember this
    At the end if our lives, what we most regret are the risks we didn’t take, the potential we didn’t use and the difference we didn’t make.

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