Exchange Food for Laughter?

Prompted by today’s Daily Prompt

The world is such a fast-paced, stressful place. People work at crazed speeds to meet deadlines. Take me, right now, for example. Doing some 233 Math questions… *sigh* I am only grateful that I manage to stuff time in for blogging as well. In such a hectic atmosphere, if we had no money but barter system instead, I’d just have to give up studying in the first place. I’d straightaway put to use the only talent that I suppose would come to my rescue here – my ability to make people laugh. It’s not likely that writers and singers will be able to gain much from such a situation but comedians who can reduce the dreariness of daily routine? They’d be fine. I’d just go around from person to person, entertaining them with my amusing (and sometimes, not so amusing) jokes and acts because above my there’s-no-reason-to-laugh interior is a laugh-your-head-off exterior. 

Anybody willing to give me food for my knock, knock jokes just yet?


2 thoughts on “Exchange Food for Laughter?

    1. Me: Knock, knock.
      You: Who’s there?
      Me: Me.
      You: Me who?
      Me: No, seriously. It’s me and I am telling you a knock knock joke. Now give me some food.

      I wish I could come to California!

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