Hello, Helpless India

Bravo, India, bravo. Salute to the wonderful laws, salute to the police force that is enforcing them and salute to every single person who is not yet ashamed of calling himself an Indian. Within four months after the gang-rape and murder of a twenty-three year-old woman, we now have a five year-old victim. Not just raped, no sir, but violated in such an extreme manner that words fail to capture just how much the girl must have been through. Pieces of candles and a 200ml bottle of hair oil were found inside her. Does the human nature have no end to the number of disgusting acts it can commit without any thought whatsoever?

There are hookers. There are plenty of prostitutes, red-light zones. There are plenty of women who would probably be willing to have sex with him, either for free or maybe a bit of money. But no, don’t you know, the fun comes from choosing someone who is unwilling to have any physical relationship with you. Not just that, the fun also comes from choosing a five year-old, a five year-old who knows absolutely nothing. If she dies, her pain will end and her parents will have to live with the burden of premature separation. If she lives, she will live with traumatising memories that no person ever ought to have. It’s one thing to be on the receiving end of the news, quite another thing when you are the news.

So, just how are you going to victimise the girl now, India? Because rape survivors are treated as perpetrators themselves, like they are criminals. The fact that they have been shamed is taken as a crime. That’s how it works. Hide beneath the dirty veils of society’s expectations. Blame the victim if she reveals who she is and tries to fight for her right.

So, are you going to tell this girl that she dressed scantily? Are you going to say she provoked the man to rape her? Are you going to say she shouldn’t have gone to unfamiliar places? Are you going to come up with something completely new because your traditionally accepted blames don’t fit anymore? Or maybe just slap a few more protesters like the one girl already slapped for asking a question? What is your next line of action?

Hello, helpless India. While your people suffer horrendous and barbarian acts against them, all your politicians can do is sympathize and then move on with their corrupt, mercenary lives. While your people suffer, all that the society as a whole can do is protest but not have any change made because India is not really a democracy – the power isn’t really with the people. Not here. While your people suffer, you will watch as some of the potential legends of India wither away and die like flowers stamped by herds of wild elephants. Hello, helpless India. If this is how things are going to continue, then you are doomed.


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