New Year

It’s out with the old and in with the new. It’s so easy when it’s ‘new year’. Prefix everything with a ‘new’ and there you have it, a fresh new year. New promises, new wishes, new hopes, new dreams, new aspirations, new lives. Is it really that easy? Is it really that significant? Or is it just another overrated day so that Hallmark can sell some greeting cards?

The Earth just got older. Completed one more revolution. So? What importance does it have in our lives if we do not change something about us? The earth has aged in its experiences but not in a good way. Look at the way 2012 ended. If a God exists, I don’t think He’s very proud of us right now. We really haven’t done anything worth being proud of, have we? Humanity, as I have stated over and over, is in a sorry state.

There’s nothing so new about new year. It’s just one more day. If we have to celebrate new year, then why don’t we celebrate a new day every day? Why don’t we make each new day a special one, like we’re doing everything differently? When it’s a new year, our ‘new’ promises and resolutions begin to look old after a while. But if every day is a new day, nothing can ever grow old. Every day will bring something fresh along with it. We can take that attitude to life, can’t we?

Look around you. I don’t know where you are reading this from so I cannot tell you what you are seeing. But here I am, a mere mortal wielding the weapon of words just like all of you, and I can tell you what I see. I see darkness. There’s no light. Where’s the advanced thinking that we pride ourselves with? What development? Where the rich treat the poor like filth – this is development? Where women have to live in constant fear of being violated and then being blamed for it – this is development? Where blameless people are deprived from living their lives to the fullest because some people decide it is their duty to wipe them out – this is development? What development? Tell me what ‘development’ means because I didn’t have this picture in my mind. And if this is the truth, then I don’t think I want development in our society. I don’t think anyone does.

New Year. Exactly one year since the last new year. So much has changed, yet so much has not. Terrible incidents have taken place in 2012 and that has changed the way many of us think. But we still haven’t changed in one way – we aren’t speaking out enough. God has blessed most of us with the ability to think and speak. Then use it. Motivate people to make bigger changes. Or else what’s the point? New Year 2013, 2014, 2015, 2020, 2100. Who cares? It’ll all be the same. Pointless.

Earth completes its revolution every 365 days but right now, we need a revolution of a different kind. We need change. It starts from us. Starting right now, look around you and speak against what is unjust. Make your voice heard. So many voices are being suppressed, are being hidden. Speak for them.

You may wonder why I seem so bitter about the world. You may wonder what it is that drives me to such extreme feelings against the way the world is right now. That’s a story that I will tell. Soon. Before I leave for boarding school again.

But right now, all I can say is – in a world like this, I’d be scared to give birth to a child. Why so? – I hear you ask. Easy. Why would I want to bring a child into a world like this? Knowing what the society has done to me, how could I risk the same for any child of mine? I wouldn’t dare. I’d be too scared.

This world needs a change. I may seem too young now but I will start it. Watch me while I come. I’m at work. Harbingers of change have no age cutoff.


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