Give Me One Chance

When you’re closeted in a room made with the instructions and wishes of people around you, maybe you forget to think for yourself. Maybe when you finally do become free, you stare at yourself in the mirror, marvelling that the expressions on your face are something you own, the hands hanging down from either side actually do as you will and your feet move as you please. Maybe you need a chance to know what freedom tastes like. So run.

Give me one chance
And I could make you stop and stare
As I dance to my own notes,
As I run with my own rhythm,
As I sing at my own pitch,
As I think for myself.
Give me one chance
And I could do wonders
With the kind of emotions that run through me,
With the imagination stuffed inside my brain,
With the creative juices letting out of my hands,
With my own mind.
Give me once chance
And I could be free
From the wishes and expectations of others,
From the shackles of tears and trouble,
From the pain of fragmented dreams,
From the presumptions of demented humanity.
Give me one chance
And I could live my own life
My way,
One breath at a time.


So tell me what you think...

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