Footprints in the Sand

While writing my last post, a thought struck me and I had to write it down. I am afraid it will slip away and go, never to return, if I don’t force it permanently into an Internet page.

As we walked on the beach, we treaded over the footsteps of other people while leaving our own over them, what were we doing? The pristine sand had been touched by some people before us. We were there later, erasing those marks. Nothing lasts. Nothing. So what if someone was the first to do something? People do it after them. And then it’s not special any more.

Someone had made a huge R ❤ (heart) S in the sand. The high tide will wash it away. It will wash our footprints away too.

We are the sand. Our experiences leave footprints on us. We leave footprints through achievements. And then death washes over us like a sea and takes it all away, takes it all away… everything is just so ephemeral.


So tell me what you think...

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