Beach Love

I went to the beach with one of my newer friends, my best friend and my sister. The place we went to isn’t really a beach – just an extension of a beach nearby. It’s a stone’s throw away from home and since I have a fascination for beaches, sunsets and solitude, this place is one of my havens when the world gets too harsh for me. It’s an escape.

We walked, three girls and one boy, leaving footprints in the damp sand and treading over the footprints of people who had already left their ephemeral marks there. We were just enjoying ourselves – beach air and friends – it couldn’t get any better. As the sun outlined the clouds in golden and slowly made its way towards the horizon, the four of us pranced around the beach like we owned it. I had actually been quite disappointed while walking to the beach because I’d spotted a number of cars there. I like the place because of the privacy. I dislike it when others come there with their cars. But fortunately, most people stayed near their cars. They just sat outside and read a book or something. They’d only come to enjoy the air. Not me. I always go to let the happiness of the place seep into my skin. Beaches are happy places. I need doses of happy from time to time. Beaches and music – my drugs.

The tide was low. Moss-covered as well as shell-covered rocks were exposed. Barefoot, the four of us walked around and explored. The boy, (so adventurous that he could just become a naturalist), went around poking little creatures that we found in little pools of shallow water that had become disconnected from the sea due to the low tide. Later, we just stood there while the sun dipped into the horizon. The sky was painted in hues of orange, red and yellow. Warm colours. Light colours. I floated away.

ImageI guess floating away was wrong on my part because that made my clumsy self slip off once. While my best friend and sister watched (and very sweetly, laughed too), my friend, ever the gentleman, helped me walk from the rocks to the safe soft sand again.

But that aside, I found happiness there. I’m never disappointed when I go there. Never. Like I often tell my friends – I wish I could set up a tent there and just live there.

(The picture, as you can see from the date, was not clicked today. Nor is it a wonderfully clicked picture. But I will click a better picture soon and post it. Meanwhile, this will have to do.)


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