Hidden Itch

You know that annoying feeling when you need to itch somewhere so badly, but you don’t know where? It’s irritating because you know there’s something bugging you intensely but you just can’t put your finger on it. Right now, multiply that feeling by hundred and you’ll know what I am feeling.

There’s a person. And he avoids me so much. Okay, he doesn’t avoid me, not really. But well, we met at boarding school. And now we’re on holidays and he flatly refuses to like, keep in contact like normal friends do. I know I can be annoying sometimes. I’m aware he finds me… clingy. But then, he doesn’t really understand me, does he? So who is he to say?
The thing is, this shouldn’t be bothering me. I’m perfectly happy with the friends I already have. But yet, this guy just manages to get to me. I sit around trying to figure out why exactly I like talking to him, why I feel like there’s a void in my life just because he’s not here to talk to me.

I should go and collect my thoughts better. More later.


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