Painting With Words

It was a calm night, far away from the chaotic city. The only sounds that could be heard were of the waves lapping gently against the shore and some crickets chirping to their mates. The full moon was visible in the sky. Its reflection had made a silvery-white path in sea. Everything under the moon had been draped in a silver veil. In this place of peace, a man sat on a rock, facing the sea. To him, this solitude was bliss. He wanted to be there forever.

Did you like that? I know I did.

Did it make you paint an image of what is being described?

Words are magical. To different people, these words can paint different images. But whatever be the image, we cannot deny that words are truly moving. There’s something about well-formed paragraphs and sentences that makes you want to read.

To me, reading is a hobby and writing, a passion. I would like to say I am an aspiring writer but to tell the truth, I don’t know where life is going to take me. As of now, all I can do is stick to the title and express what I want to.

I have a friend (let’s call him R) who has a way of putting things. I can explain this with an example. There was a time when one of my friends who had been very close to me had been ignoring me completely. Anyway, what I am getting at is, R was in conversation with me one day. We were just outside school and we had to cross the road. I was amazed at the way he crossed the road – graceful, yet scary. He didn’t cast one look at the oncoming cars. While he crossed the road,  I stood at the sidewalk in awe. I followed him but not in a matter as carefree as him. When I got to the other side, he was smiling because he could understand what I was feeling.
“He walks past you the way I cross roads,” he said.
That was all he said. He had a bus to catch and so did I. We quickly parted ways. But later, I caught myself thinking about what he’d said. You know, when you have an argument and then later, you think about all the witty things you could have said? Well, I was doing just that – trying to think of a suitable response to what he’d said. I did come up with one later but in my opinion, it never really matched up to some of the analogies he’s thought of.

Just like him, there are other people who use words in unique ways. A fellow blogger described life as a gift-box that could be wrapped up neatly and then decorated. (read Not many of us would have used words to paint the same picture, right?

I guess this can be classified as a sort of rant, really. I have these moments sometimes, where there is an urge to write, to pour forth certain feelings. At those times, everything comes out in this haphazard manner that doesn’t seem to go anywhere. This is where I end, for now.

By the way, the response that I came up with for my friend was this:
“How long can you cross roads without looking at the cars? One day, one of those cars might just hit you.”
I don’t know what meaning that sentence could hold for you and I am not going to try and alter it by telling you what it means to me.


2 thoughts on “Painting With Words

  1. “You know, when you have an argument and then later, you think about all the witty things you could have said?”
    … This is so embarrassing, but true. *hides face in hands*

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